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In The VR Cinema you will experience 30 minutes of the coolest virtual reality films. We proudly present four film selections in different themes in order to please every virtual reality lover. Will you immerse yourself in VR documentaries from around the globe? Or do you prefer to embark on a adventurous journey like no other? Are you a fan of sci-fi? We have something for you as well. Or would you like to watch our “Best of VR” package, which we have composed of our favourite short films from the previous categories. In any case, the only thing you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the VR experience of your choice. Please note that all of the movies are in English. 


In the “Sci-fi” package the best VR storytelling pieces come to you surpassing the borders of reality and entering the sphere of science fiction. The short films in “Sci-fi” are centered on technology and its uncanny potential as well as what the future might hold. Drama and fiction intertwine and the result is a spectacular selection that speaks to the heart, mind and sets your imagination free.


Are you ready to experience National Dutch ballet in first person view? Seeing the choreography from stage point is an experience you won’t forget. “Experiences” package consists of six different short films where you can truly immerse yourself in being somewhere else. “Experiences” will truly show the potential of Virtual Reality. This package is a must see for everyone interested in VR and is especially suitable for kids also.


Prepare yourself to travel back into time but also immerse yourself in realities of the present. The documentary selection will take you on a trip through the battlefields of Normandy and back to the evolution of one of our most precious possessions, language. Being able to do that from your swivel chair is an unique experience. Join our journey and experience these social, environmental and historical moments in time.


“Best of VR” consists of our selection of what are the best four short movies currently in the Virtual Reality movie scene. This package offers viewers with an amazing experience that gives a really good insight to the possibilities of Virtual Reality movies and what the production quality can be. We highly recommend this package to people who are new to VR movies or for people who want to experience pieces from our different movie packages.