Going to the movies gets a whole new dimension in The VR Cinema. It offers you the opportunity to watch movies like you’ve (probably) never done before. For one, crisping bags of chips, ringing mobile phones and noisy visitors belong to the past. Furthermore, there are no traditional red cinema chairs and also the big white screen is nowhere to be seen. So what do you get?

Samsung new Gear VR + Samsung Galaxy S7

First of all: a Samsung Galaxy S7 that, in combination with the Samsung New Gear VR, transports you to an whole other world. A world that was inaccessible a few moments before. The Samsung New Gear VR is without a doubt one of the very best virtual reality glasses there are. The Samsung New Gear VR is a light-weight portable virtual reality headset, so there is no hassle with cords or wires. Also, the New Gear VR is easy to put on or off and the straps on the side make it simple to adjust them to the right size. On top of the Gear VR is a turning wheel, which allows you to adjust focus. That makes the VR-headset suitable for people with glasses as well.

360° Chairs

Because of the immersive nature of the VR-movies the characteristic red cinema chairs have been replaced by custom made turning chairs. This allows you to freely look around and see what’s happening above, below, behind, in front, on the right and on the left side of you. So no sore neck, we promise.


More and more virtual reality movies do not only contain 360 degrees images, but also sound that in a way moves in the same direction as your head. This adds a special dimension to the virtual experience that is enhanced by the thunderous sound of the JBL headphones. These headphones are ultralight, adjustable, comfortable and above all, offer supreme sound quality whilst shutting out background noise.